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P3 Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recycling of pickleballs to help our environment, decrease our footprint and create a more sustainable future for our sport. Our unique pickleball recycling program allows you to personally participate in making a positive impact on the environment, or bring it to your local court for others to join in. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for pickleball and the planet.


Johan Middelthon

Johan Middelthon is the lead instructor and founder of P3 Pickleball, the Black Pickle Adventure Company, and Director of the North Carolina Pickleball Association,   He is also the author of "Don't Shark the Dolphins," a revolutionary book about pickleball and the P3 way of life.  After piloting a successful pickleball recycling program at P3 Pickleball, Johan founded P3 Cares in order to engage the community to help make the program grow even larger. 

He combines his coaching background with his Pickleball knowledge and skills to give each student a fun and rewarding training session. His specialized P3 training philosophy enables his students to advance their skills quickly.   Johan has medaled in local, State, National and International tournaments. 

Johan Middelthon

Founder & CEO

"Don't Shark the Dolphins", by Johan Middelthon

Johan is a Certified IPTPA Level II Teaching Professional, and a Master Level P3 Elite Certified Pickleball Instructor.   His specialized P3 training philosophy, combined with his innovative terminology and easy to follow techniques, enables players of all abilities to maximize their potential.  He is also the inventor of “Turbo”, a groundbreaking new strategy for doubles play that highlights the strengths of both players. He incorporates a variety of teaching methods in each lesson using drills, demonstrations, court targets and game play scenarios. He brings players to higher levels by teaching strategic play and smart Pickleball. 


Johan enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the game of Pickleball.  Off the court, he embodies the philosophy of living a “P3 Life” each day, with positive mindset, uplifting others, and a strong commitment to the environment.

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