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Join The Movement to help our environment, decrease our footprint and create a more sustainable future

P3 Cares Pickleball Recycling Program

Did you know that P3 Cares is currently the only organization with the capability to recycle old, cracked, or damaged pickleballs?

Injection-molded pickleballs like the ones produced by Franklin Sports, Dura, Onix and Gamma are made with a thermoplastic molded resin.  This type of plastic is not able to be recycled by typical recycling centers.  Until recently, pickleballs everywhere were doomed to landfills, negatively impacting our environment.  With over 500 million pickleballs being manufactured each year, finding a way to recycle pickleballs is imperative.

P3 Cares has partnered with a top notch recycling provider to create a one of a kind pickleball recycling program that you can personally participate in, or bring to your local court.

Join your fellow Planet Saving Pickle People to help our environment, decrease your footprint and create a more sustainable future.  Lets keep pickleballs out of our oceans and landfills.  We've heard that Sea Otters are notoriously bad pickleball players!

Sea Otter holding a pickleball

How the Program Works

Recycling Container

Request a Recycling Bin for your Court

Request a Free Pickleball Recycling Bin for your courts by clicking here.

People Playing Pickleball

Collect Used, Damaged and Cracked Pickleballs

Talk about the program and engage your community to collect as many pickleballs as possible.  

Box of Pickleballs

When your bin is full, ship the pickleballs to our collection facility

Ship the balls to us and start filling your bin again.  Currently, we are asking our partners to fund return shipping, but we are working with donors and sponsors to offset that cost as the program grows.  Instructions for returning balls can be found here.

Ground Recycled Plastic


Our Team sorts and prepares the pickleballs and delivers them to our recycling partner.  Currently the ground material is being used to make many different recycled products.  We are working with pickleball manufacturers in the hopes of developing a way to make new pickleballs out of the recycled material in the future.

political meeting

Engage Stakeholders, Donors and Corporate Sponsors

In order to expand our program and make the greatest impact possible, our team is hard at work engaging Corporate Partners, Donors and Sustainability Investors that will help to fund our project.  If you know about an organization that would be interested in helping us have them contact us at

Lab Experiments


P3 Cares knows that the work to reduce our impact on the planet as well as the sustainability of our sport must extend farther than recycling efforts alone.  To that end, we are also investing in the research and creation of a biodegradable pickleball that can change the future of our sport.  


We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. Whether you're an individual or part of a community group, there are many ways to get involved.  Request a bin for your home court, talk about the program in your community, or make a donation to help us reach our goals.  We rely on the support of our donors to fund our projects and initiatives. Join us today and be a part of the solution!

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